Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pinterest Possibilities!

Pinterest is a virtual corkboard where images and videos can be shared with others.  It allows you to search through other users corkboards and “pin” it to your board.  There is an endless amount of categories that one can search through including gift ideas, videos, animals, art, vehicles, celebrities, design, education, and many, many more!  A user may have as many corkboards as they want and can categorize them by different topics.  For instance, I have 8 different boards with a bunch of different pins under each board.  My two favorite boards are “Yummy, yummy, in my tummy,” where I pin a bunch of different recipes, and “For the home,” where I pin ideas about how to decorate my house.  I found Pinterest very helpful when searching for ideas to plan a wedding shower for my best friend.  Pins can be created by users, posted from the web or from a specific place such as a restaurant.  Similar to Twitter and Instagram users can follow one another to share ideas and interests. 

Pinterest can be very useful for teachers and students.  As I mentioned before there is an education category in which teachers can search for different ideas of things to do in their classroom, from decorating to lesson plans and activities.  I will dive deeper into how to use Pinterest in the classroom in my next blog.  Until then, if you are interested in exploring Pinterest consider using the help center to assist you.


  1. I use Pintererst all the time for finding ideas for my classroom. It's a HUGE wealth of knowledge and it's free. The app is a great time waster but I've found bulletin board ideas, classroom hacks and activities that relate to my curriculum on Pinterest.

  2. I have found a ton of ideas on Pintrest! I use it a lot to find different ways to teach the same things. I also frequently use it to for ideas of BEAR Club (our school-wide PBIS reward hour).