Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pinterest in the Classroom

Teachers can use Pinterest for a number of things in the classroom.  For one, they can follow other teachers and share ideas on a wide range of topics.  For two, they can have their students use Pinterest to gather and share ideas with other students.  Some specific ways that Pinterest can be of assistance in the classroom include:

1.  Students can create a collage of information on a specific topic with brief descriptions for each pin.
2.  Teachers can get ideas on how to decorate their classroom.
3.  Teachers can create a board to share student accomplishments.
4.  Teachers can get ideas for different projects and activities to use in the classroom.
5.  Teachers/students can share notes, lessons, videos, etc.

Pinterest can be used at all grade levels including elementary, middle, high school and even colleges/universities.  I have started my own board for education on Pinterest and you can access it here.  

Other sites that can be beneficial if you are considering using Pinterest in your classroom...

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