Thursday, July 24, 2014


Jing is a tool that allows you to capture images or videos of your computer screen and share them fast.  It can be downloaded for free onto any computer and is user friendly.  If you are interested in exploring this tool I have hyperlinked a great website that dives into the different features of Jing.  What is the purpose of Jing?  Well, for one, if you are a teacher or professor and you are teaching an online class this tool can be great to capture images or videos of your computer screen and share them with the class.  It makes the process of following allong with the teacher and understanding what is being explained a lot easier.  I have had the experience of using this tool in grad class a couple different times and I highly recommend it.  Another great way that Jing can be used is to help explain how to use other online tools.  For instance, I am assisting other teachers on how to create a website from sctrach.  During the times when we meet face-to-face I am able to show them how to do this live but when they leave the meeting and need a reminder of how to do this, they can use the Jing videos or images that I have emailed to them.  These are just a couple of basic ideas on how to use this tool but there are many other ways that it can be successful whether it is in the classroom, for a business, or for personal use.

It's downloaded, now what?  This is a link to a video that explains the steps on how to use Jing.  Have fun exploring and becoming familiar with this tool!

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